Garage Door Repair and Maintenance 101

Garage Door Repair and Maintenance: Some Preventative Measures Every Homeowner Should Take and So Much More


This content will be broken down into two sections. The first one concerns safety measures and concerns every homeowner know concerning garage door safety. The second section involves much more the preventative measures every homeowner can (and should) take.

The Seven Things You Need To Know About Garage Door Repair and Safety

1) This first tip is for those of you who have kids. Adults (for the most part) know not to mistreat or misuse their garage doors. Kids (on the other hand) might not know (instinctively) without some kind of parental intervention. That is why it s up to you (as a parent) to teach your kids not to misuse or mistreat the garage doors. A garage door is not a toy. The door can also cause serious injuries if not treated properly.

2) Never try to race under the garage door as it is moving up and down. That is an invitation for something serious to happen. It is like playing with the remote. Only those who know how to use a garage door(and everything included under the description) should be operating it.

3) Once you start opening or closing the door, you should make sure know one is in harm’s way. That might sound obvious, but some people forget. That goes for other adults and your kids. I know we keep bringing up the kids, but kids tend to cause trouble(especially the younger ones).

Sometimes they do not know the difference between right and wrong. That is why it is up to you to teach them. Clear your kids out of the way so you can move the door up and down.

4) Make sure that your garage door is working properly at all times(that includes your overhead door section). Not keeping things properly maintained will cause you to need overhead door repair.

An unattended garage door will also cause injuries to you and your family.

5) You also need to remember that your garage door does use electricity. That means something can short-circuit if it gets mishandled or misused. That cause additional injuries and repairs (repairs that are going to be expensive depending on what happened).

6) As with the electricity issues, you need to have a properly certified technician handle any repairs (no matter how small they are). You might think you can do it yourself, but think twice. There are bunch of springs and cables inside the garage door. Those springs and cables can also cause injuries if not handled properly. Some of the cables can even cause death. It happens, so don’t laugh.

7) Say, for example, that someone backs into the door. It happens, so don’t laugh at this either. The whole world is in a hurry these days. You need to have the door checked out before moving forward.

The door might not look damaged, but the internal parts could become misaligned in some way. That misalignment can cause issues later when you go to open or close the door.

Some Maintenance Tips All Garage Door Owners Should Know About

1) Stop, look, and listen! I know that is what they taught you about crossing the streets, but some of the same rules apply here. Watch the door as it goes up and down(each time). Is it going up and down smoothly (the way it should)? Does it look as though it is being jerked?

Do the springs and pulleys move symmetrically? Does the door sound quiet? Does the door sound loud and grinding? Those of you who notice a quiet sound, you can relax. You are in good shape. Those of you who hear a grinding noise, you might want to have that checked. There is something going on there. The grinding noise is not supposed to be there. Plus, it can cause other issues later.

2) Did you know that your garage door can move up and down a few hundred times a year(even a few thousand)? That is a lot of wear and tear on a piece of machinery(which it is). You can help by tightening up nuts and bolts with a socket wrench (most guys have one lying around the house somewhere). The bolts do become loosened over time. The bolts could start to fall off (if left unattended for too long).

Now, you can always have a serviceman come out and look if you are not sure about what to do. This is one of those “basic fixer-upper, DYI” things you can do at home though. If you are looking for a professional, we recommend our partners over at Garage Door Solutions for all of your garage door repair and installation needs.

3) Have you inspected the rollers recently? You might want to do it now(if you answered no to that question). You rollers should be made of either nylon or steel. Check them twice a year. They need to be replaced every seven years (or thereabouts). Replace them soon if you are using your garage doors more than usual.

4) Have you checked your weather stripping? It is located at the bottom of the doors. How does it look right now? Is it sealed properly? Is it dry or cracked(even just a little bit)? Yeah, that is not good if your answer is no. That means you need to have replaced or filled in somehow.

That will prevent the elements from getting into the other parts of the house.

You should also be checking the cables (to make sure they are running properly). You can also lubricate any moving parts that need it. Try to remove (or replace) anything that looks damaged (if you are able to).

As Always, With Garage Door Repair

Anyone who is unsure of what to do (with proper maintenance) or does not know how to handle it themselves, you should have a certified technician come take a look. It is better than doing it yourself and causing more problems later.

Please do not attempt anything on your own. Once again, you will be creating more damage(especially if something is wrong with the garage door).


Having a garage door is a great deal of responsibility. Are you up for that challenge? Everything that happens (intentionally and unintentionally) is going to be on you. That is why you need to be prepared if you are going to have one (including preparations for garage door repair. Think carefully before making such an investment.

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